Lawsuit Challenging 2014 Hiring Changes Certified as a Class

The Association of Collegiate Training Institutions (“ACTI”) is pleased to announce that the lawsuit challenging the Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Traffic Controller hiring changes in 2014 is now a class action.

ACTI has worked with legal counsel Michael Pearson and co-counsel Mountain States Legal Foundation to litigate the case and seek justice for the thousands of FAA approved Collegiate Training Initiative (“CTI”) graduates who finished two-year and four-year programs at colleges to become Air Traffic Controllers, who then had those dreams squashed when the FAA purged them from the hiring lists in the name of “diversity.”

The case now proceeds to the merits of whether discrimination took place in the FAA’s actions. The class action would cover the non-African American CTI graduates who: (1) by February 10, 2014: (a) graduated from a CTI program at one of the 36 FAA-partnered CTI Institutions between 2009-2013 and (b) passed the AT-SAT; (2) applied to be an ATCS trainee through the 2014 All Sources vacancy announcement but failed the Biographical Questionnaire that was incorporated into the 2014 ATCS hiring process and was therefore not hired; and (3) have never been offered employment as an FAA ATCS.

A video press release made by co-counsel in the case, Zhonette M. Brown, is available, along with a press release available at



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