ACTI advocates for Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI) students, graduates, and institutions in all sectors of government and the media. ACTI is actively involved in working with the executive, legislative, and judicial branches to establish preferential hiring consideration for graduates of CTI institutions, establish uniform accreditation standards, and ensure that the next generation of air traffic controllers are the most qualified. We work with the media to ensure the public is kept informed as to the status of the hiring changes. ACTI advocates for and participates in efforts to reverse changes to the hiring process and promote accountability and transparency. ACTI also works with other individuals and organizations whose goals align with ACTI’s mission.

What is wrong?

The FAA dramatically changed the hiring process at a disadvantage for those students part of the CTI institutions. FAA has not provided evidence to justify the changes.

What have we done?

Our most significant strides of progress are noted below. To view all of our accomplishments and postings, click on one of the header links below to view all for a specific category.


  • Worked with Congress to partially reverse hiring changes through the passage of H.R. 636. Read more.
  • Worked with Congress to develop improved hiring process which sought to provide and guarantee preferential hiring for CTI graduates and students through the introduction of H.R. 1964.
  • Worked with Congress to promote accountability following news of alleged cheating during the air traffic control specialist hiring process.
  • Worked with Congress to compel a hearing regarding allegations of cheating, failure to properly validate testing instrument, and overall changes to the hiring process.

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  • Participates in the Air Traffic Controller Basic Qualification Training working group as part of the Aviation Rulemaking and Advisory Committee.
  • Serves as liaison between member institutions and administration officials regarding implementation of H.R. 5292 and hiring bids. Read more.
  • Actively seeks information regarding diversity, hiring, and status of hiring process, training, and implementation. Read more.

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  • Monitors litigation concerning alleged discrimination concerning hiring process changes.
  • Monitors litigation concerning withholding of government documents under the Freedom of Information Act, which includes gathering information regarding the changes along with diversity information.
  • Commences lawsuits due to failure to comply with the Freedom of Information Act.

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  • Actively promote transparency and accountability along with public awareness of the changes to the hiring process.

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