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We are fighting to reverse the abrupt and drastic changes to the hiring process for our nations' Air Traffic Controllers

Welcome to the Association of Collegiate Training Institutions

The Association of Collegiate Training Institutions (ACTI) is a non-profit organization composed of institutions of higher learning that train students in the complex field of air traffic control and other aviation related subject matter. Our members are accredited institutions of higher learning, and associated faculty, located in over twenty states.

Due to our training methodologies our collective students certify as air traffic controllers at a much higher rate than individuals without a background or professional experience as an air traffic controller. The last study confirming this was completed in June 2013 by the FAA's Civil Aeronautical Medical Institute. ACTI has developed rigorous standards to ensure that all CTI schools produce an outstanding candidate for air traffic control employment. Schools that adopt these standards are eligible for ACTI accreditation.

Safety and knowledge are the foundations of our curriculum. We believe in fair opportunities for all students who wish to work as air traffic controllers regardless of race, gender or ethnicity.

Mission & Goals

ACTI's mission is to advocate for preferential hiring for CTI graduates, promote government accountability, and ensure FAA maintains a pool of highly qualified candidates.

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ACTI advocates for its 26 Member Institutions which represent a broad and diverse student body.

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ACTI is an active participant in the legislative, judicial, and executive system, adovating for transparency, accountability, and ensuring the best qualified candidates are selected, saving tax-payer money and ensuring public safety.

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Latest Posts

Lawsuit Challenging 2014 Hiring Changes Certified as a Class

The Association of Collegiate Training Institutions (“ACTI”) is pleased to announce that the lawsuit challenging the Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Traffic Controller hiring changes in 2014 is now a class action. ACTI has worked with legal counsel Michael Pearson and co-counsel Mountain States Legal Foundation to litigate the case and seek justice for the thousands […]

Judge Grants Motion to Amend CTI Discrimination Lawsuit, Denies FAA’s Motion to Strike

The Association of Collegiate Training Institutions (ACTI) is pleased to announce that a judge has granted a motion allowing the CTI discrimination lawsuit to proceed.  The lawsuit challenges the Federal Aviation Administration’s decision to purge over 2,600 well qualified air traffic control Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI) graduates from a hiring list for diversity reasons. After […]