ACTI Supports PLANE Act Legislation, opening additional employment opportunities for CTI Graduates

The Association of Collegiate Training Institutions is pleased to announce its support of Senator Inhofe and Senator King’s “Promoting the Launch of Aviation’s Next Era (PLANE Act) of 2019″ to the U.S. Senate. The PLANE Act provides key provisions which open additional opportunities for students of Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI) programs.

The bill, if passed, would require the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to develop a committee to review the existing regulations and policies related to practical experience requirements for the training of air traffic control tower operators. As part of this requirement, the FAA would need to review ways to modify federal regulations governing CTO certificates to allow graduates of CTI programs to work in a Federal Contract Tower (FCT) facility. There are over 250 FCT’s in the United States, which, under current regulations, the vast majority of CTI graduates are unable to apply for positions for. Staffing at FCTs is a critical issue which this bill, if passed, would help resolve as well as provide additional opportunities for CTI graduates. Additionally, the bill provides for the committee to review how to count the experience CTI students obtain during education to count for the experience requirements to work at an FCT.

Other provisions of the bill impact the FAA Academy, specifically, exempting those attending from government shutdowns. The recent government shutdown of 2019 resulted in delays in the hiring and training pipeline because academy students are currently not exempted employees.

The Association supports this bill (S.2198) because it helps provide opportunities for CTI graduates that are currently not available. The Association thanks Congress for its recognition of the vital role CTI students play in the FAA’s hiring process as well as the opportunity to help alleviate staffing concerns within the FCT program.


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