ACTI Fact Sheet

  • The Association of Collegiate Training Institutions (ACTI) is a non-profit group of accredited institutions of higher learning and affiliate entities educating future air traffic controllers.
  • ACTI’s current membership is composed of universities, colleges and faculty members located in over 20 states.  All ACTI member schools have been individually certified by the Federal Aviation Administration as Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) institutions.
  • The FAA Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) Program was designed to establish partnerships with higher educational institutions to broaden the employment opportunities in the aviation industry, including air traffic controllers.
  • All ACTI member schools have been certified by federal accrediting agencies to meet Title IV programs as well as complying with the expectations of specific regulations accreditors must enforce as a part of their recognition by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • ACTI member schools have diverse faculties as well as student populations that greatly exceed the general minority population statistics.
  • ACTI current student bodies and graduates number in the thousands and reside in every single state in the country.
  • Many of our graduates and students are veterans who have proudly served in the various branches of the armed forces with distinction.
  • ACTI advocates on behalf of FAA AT-CTI programs, students and graduates.
  • The association’s goals include advancing air traffic control training methodologies and standardizing educational standards and assessment through stringent validation. ACTI believes that all students, regardless of race or gender, can succeed as air traffic controllers with proper training.
  • The FAA’s metrics show that CTI institution graduates and Military veterans attain first facility certified air traffic controller status at a nearly 65% greater rate than applicants that are not from CTI institutions or the military.

ACTI background fact sheet 7.8.2014

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