2015 Conference

The 2015 annual ACTI conference was held at the SnowBird Lodge just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah on October 6, 2015.  The session was full including member institutions as well as industry members such as Gallium, MetaCraft, ATOMS, Adacel, JGHClancy and others. Participants enjoyed a continental breakfast, lunch and sponsored cocktail hour.

Among the main topics of the conference were ATC standardization, creating the accreditation body, and legislative grassroots efforts. Members of the ACTI Industry Advisory Board attended and were welcomed.

Several presentations were given. Mary Niemczyk, (ASU- UAA President) once again spoke. Joseph Eichelberger (CCBC) spoke on the progress of the standardization effort and introduced draft documents, Rob Priestly (Kent)—addressed international training and options. Executive Director Anthony Gagliardo addressed the body.

Several students and graduates attended the conference and assisted in its success.

Next year’s conference will once again be held in conjunction with the UAA 2016 conference.

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