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Student Recommendations?

The FAA Extension, Safety, and Security Act of 2016 affected the ATCS hiring process.  As a result of this legislation, candidates who graduated from a Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI) program are required to submit proof of graduation and an appropriate recommendation from the CTI institution to the FAA. For a list of ACTI entity contacts that may assist students with required recommendations click the button below. 

Welcome to the Association of Collegiate Training Institutions

The Association of Collegiate Training Institutions (ACTI) is a non-profit organization composed of institutions of higher learning that train students in the complex field of air traffic control and other aviation related subject matter. Our members are accredited institutions of higher learning, and associated faculty, located in over twenty states.  


Due to our training methodologies our collective students certify as air traffic controllers at a much higher rate than individuals without a background or professional experience as an air traffic controller. The last study confirming this was completed in June 2013 by the FAA's Civil Aeronautical Medical Institute. ACTI has developed rigorous standards to ensure that all CTI schools produce an outstanding candidate for air traffic control employment. Schools that adopt these standards are eligible for ACTI accreditation. 


Safety and knowledge are the foundations of our curriculum.  We believe in fair opportunities for all students who wish to work as air traffic controllers regardless of race, gender or ethnicity.


If you would like further information please read further or download information from the documents section of this website.

The FAA Extension, Safety and Security Act of 2016 Becomes Law

House Hearing- June 15, 2016

A Review of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Traffic Controller Hiring, Staffing and Training Plans


June 15, 2016 @ 10:00 Location: 2167 Rayburn House Office Building


“I am deeply disturbed that this alleged cheating may run deeper than first reported. If additional FAA or aviation-related employees helped applicants cheat on the Biographical Questionnaire (BQ), it is imperative we bring in those responsible and determine how widespread the misconduct is. Again, I urge Congress to hold a hearing and compel the FAA to appear before the American people to get to the bottom of this troubling discovery. We need answers: Did the FAA know someone on the inside was helping people cheat, and did they cover it up? Was it a tactic with a purpose: to ensure targeted populations would pass the test? Who wrote the BQ, and who validated it (if anyone)?


“In addition, we still don’t know what will happen to those who have either failed the BQ, aged out of the hiring process, or both, for which they spent countless personal resources. I urge my colleagues to support my legislation to provide relief to those hurt by the FAA’s actions, and restore confidence in the air traffic controller hiring process.”


Congressman Randy Hultgren



“The FAA can expect us to demand to know the particulars of this egregious situation.” 


Congressman Frank LoBiondo

ACTI Advocates On Behalf Of CTI Institutions, Students, and Veterans


  • CTI graduates who have passed AT-SAT and had been waiting on the ‘inventory’  and veterans must be given immediate consideration (TOL) ahead of all other applicants for a position at the Federal Aviation Administration Academy or direct hiring at FAA facilities;
  • All students must have a fair and equal opportunity to become educated and train at a CTI institution or member aviation school  to become an air traffic controller regardless of socio-economic status, race, gender or ethnicity;
  • That the Federal Aviation Administration must formally recognize the accomplishments and capabilities of the CTI Institutions, our veterans, the training CTI institutions provide, the benefits to future air traffic controllers, and the cost savings to the American public;
  • That due to our knowledge and expertise in designing effective curriculum and training methodologies and modalities, the Federal Aviation Administration should partner and communicate directly with collegiate representatives of our member aviation schools and allow the representatives to give input and feedback into decisions affecting CTI students, CTI institutions, aviation schools and aviation students;
  • Advancement and research regarding air traffic control training benefit the public and users of the national airspace system; and
  • Improved information and communication from the Federal Aviation Administration such as updates to the Basic Training Curriculum, Best Practices Conference, regularly scheduled meetings, and collaborative input into FAA decisions effecting air traffic controller training benefit the public and users of the national airspace system. 

CTI Student Success Stories

ACTI Congratulates the FAA's Lisa Grimm!!!

Orlando, Florida (CNN) -- "These people saved my family from an almost certain fiery death."


Doug White speaks highly of the air traffic controllers and flight instructor who helped talk him through landing a plane last year after the pilot died.


He and his family finally met the team last week, after they received the highest honor from the National Air Traffic Controllers Association at a ceremony in Orlando, Florida.


In April 2009, White, 56, and his wife and their two daughters were returning to Louisiana after attending a funeral for White's brother. Less than 10 minutes after their private chartered plane took off from Marco Island, Florida, the unexpected happened. "I've got to declare an emergency. My pilot's deceased. I need help," White told the control tower. He had seized the radio after the pilot had fallen unconscious. "I need to get this on the ground. I'm flyin' a King Air."


Luckily, White had three months of flight lessons, but he had flown only a small, less-sophisticated single-engine plane. That's like going from a Volkswagen to a race car, he said.


In the background of their conversation, dozens of controllers were scrambling to reroute flights while Fort Myers International Airport prepared to accept the plane.


"Disengage the autopilot. We're gonna have you hand-fly the plane," instructed controller and experienced pilot *Lisa Grimm said. (article continues).


For more of the article click here

For more of the video click here


*Lisa Grimm, who is now a FAA manager at the Pittsburgh facility is a graduate of Miami-Dade CC’s CTI program. 

Congress Supports CTI Programs

New Bi-Partisan Bill Introduced In House HR 1674

The American Consumer Institute

Supports CTI Students

Please go to the American Consumer Institute website dedicated to this issue and contact your senator and congressman.

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